New NHTSA Campaign Aims to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents

The end of summer is near and the Labor Day weekend is upon us, which, for many, is the last hurrah. Unfortunately, three-day weekend celebrations come with an increased risk of involvement in DUI-related car accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) made a preemptive strike to combat drunk driving in the weeks leading up to Labor Day by announcing the implementation of the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.

Staggering Numbers

Driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated is a preventable crime capable of affecting countless lives and reportedly costs billions of dollars each year. Car accidents caused by drunk drivers directly impacted the economy after totaling approximately $47 billion in 2010, according to a 2014 NHTSA report.

That number accounts for an average of $152 per person in the country. The $47 billion statistic increased to a shocking $195 billion following the inclusion of the overall harm to society due to losses of life and quality of life numbers. The NHTSA also estimates that basic economic costs will total more than $1.1 million if one suffers serious injuries in a DUI accident.

Explore Your Legal Options

Over 10,000 people lose their lives in DUI accidents each year according to NHTSA reports. Drunk drivers responsible for causing serious or fatal car accidents can be held liable through personal injury or wrongful death claims.

Every DUI accident case is different and if you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, you should have all damages fully assessed by our car accident attorney in Brownsville. Schedule a free consultation today to explore your legal options for pursuing compensation for your accident.



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City of Port Arthur Sued for Slip-and-Fall

The last thing you expect when walking into a business, office or other establishment is to suffer an injury as a result of negligence. Poor lighting, spilled fluids, uneven surfaces and other obstructions can put you one step closer to very serious pain that could create a great burden in your life. For a woman in Port Arthur, this unfortunate circumstance became all too real.

Unexpected Pain

A woman filed a lawsuit against a Port Arthur housing company, the apartment complex and the City of Port Arthur after she allegedly suffered injuries during her visit for a job interview. The claim alleges that the victim slipped on a liquid, sustained serious injury and is now seeking damages of over $200,000 but less than $1 million. The lawsuit accuses the defendants of failing to:

  • Properly maintain the floor
  • Warn of the hazard
  • Remove the liquid
  • Provide adequate lighting
  • Train employees to keep the premises safe

Get What You Deserve

The improper or lack of maintenance for a premises can result in detrimental injuries that could put a serious strain in your quality of life. The medical bills and loss of wages which could result can lead to insurmountable pain and stress. Don’t deal with it on your own. The J. Gonzalez Law Firm is here to help you seek the compensation you deserve. With our personal injury attorney by your side, you can expect the most in swiftly seeking what you need.

Let’s Get Started

Do not let another’s negligence create a financially challenging situation. Let the legal team of the J. Gonzalez Law Firm represent you or your loved one. Never go about dealing with a personal injury case on your own. For more information about our legal services, contact our office in Brownsville today.


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Couple Sues American Motorcycle Company After Serious Motorcycle Accident

When purchasing a motorcycle, most people will look for power, stylish looks and the guarantee that everything will function accordingly. The last thing we expect while roaring down the highway is a motorcycle malfunction that can potentially end in serious injuries. A Camp County couple is suing a popular motorcycle company, claiming their motorcycle did not come with safety features.

Fighting for Justice

The couple filed a lawsuit against an American motorcycle manufacturer, citing product liability on June 16th with the Eastern District of Texas. According to the suit, both were riding their motorcycle when its wheels locked after the male victim was forced to engage the front and back breaks to avoid a collision. The couple was thrown off after the locked wheels caused the motorcycle to fishtail and pitch.

According to the complaint, the victim suffered skull fractures, broken bones and brain injury while his wife suffered skull and elbow fractures as well as brain and spleen injuries. The lawsuit claims the motorcycle did not come with an anti-locking system and that the manufacturer failed to offer this safety feature when the motorcycle was purchased. The couple is accusing the company of strict product liability, failure to warn/marketing defect and negligence. They are seeking over $75,000 in damages.

Take a Stand

A defective product can put you in danger of suffering serious injuries or death. The medical bills, loss of wages and possible funeral fees you may be burdened with can put a heavy strain on your family. The J. Gonzalez Law Firm is experienced with defective products litigation and will work diligently to seek the compensation you deserve. Our attorney and his professional legal staff will use every possible resource to offer you the most thorough legal strategy for your case.

Let Us Help

Don’t let a defective product leave you and your family feeling helpless. The J. Gonzalez Law Firm is here to offer you the most knowledgeable, skilled and expert legal representation you deserve. For more information about our defective product litigation, contact our offices in Brownsville today.


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Port Arthur Mother of Two Sues Negligent Driver

Finding yourself in a car accident where another is at fault can leave you with feelings of helplessness, uncertainty, and fear. These feelings can be even more overwhelming if your children have been involved and can also be emotionally crippling. One mother has found herself in this unfortunate situation.

A Port Arthur mother filed a lawsuit on May 20th, 2014 with the Jefferson County District Court after her children were injured in a car accident. The lawsuit alleges that the two children were injured last summer when the vehicle they were riding in collided with another driven by the defendant.

Innocent Victims

The defendant’s negligence was the cause of the accident according to the complaint. The plaintiff, as next friend, filed the claim on behalf of the two minors who reportedly suffered injuries. Next friend is a legal term referring to a lawsuit being filed on behalf of one who is unable to commit to the process his/herself or is a legal minor.

Specific details pertaining to the case, such as the exact location of the collision, the events leading up to it, and how it occurred are unknown. The extent of the children’s injuries and the amount being sought by the plaintiff have also not been made public.

Protect Your Children’s Rights

Recovering from a car accident can be physically demanding and emotionally exhausting. Dealing with hospital bills, physical therapy sessions, or in devastating cases, funeral expenses, are financial burdens that parents should not have to deal with. A personal injury lawsuit can provide the much-needed financial relief you need to move on.

Negligent parties can be held accountable for their actions with the help of our car accident attorney and his legal team of experts. Know that you aren’t alone in your journey to overcome this trying situation. Contact or visit our Brownsville office today to schedule a consultation to see where your case stands.


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Newest Report Shows Truck Accident Injuries on the Rise

New data has been collected revealing the truth about truck accident injuries and the frequency with which they occur in the United States. The latest report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that approximately 104,000 people were injured in truck accidents in 2012 alone.

This number represents a nearly 20% increase in the number of injuries compared to the previous year. In 2011, 88,000 people were injured in truck accidents according to the NHTSA. The number of truck accident fatalities increased as well with 3,921 reported deaths in 2012 compared to 3,781 in 2011.

The Risk of Injury

The chances for a serious or fatal injury increase considerably when a car or pickup truck collides with a commercial truck, such as an 18-wheeler. These large vehicles can weigh several tons and if traveling at high rates of speed, can result in devastating damage and injury. As a result, those driving a commercial truck face a lesser chance of experiencing injury during a collision, according to the NHTSA’s report.

Out of the 104,000 truck accident-related injuries reported in 2012, 73% of those were occupants of other vehicles, with truck drivers making up 24%. The NHTSA report also found that of the nearly 4,000 fatal truck accidents that took place in 2012, 73% of the victims were occupants of other vehicles while 18% was made up of drivers of large trucks.

We Can Help

The NHTSA’s numbers are shocking and paint a picture of just how serious and dangerous a commercial truck accident can be. Dealing with medical issues such as hospital stays, doctor’s visits, rehabilitation, and medication expenses can all place a serious strain on your finances. It can also leave you feeling helpless and worried about the future when instead you should be concentrating on recovery.

Our personal injury lawyer in Brownsville knows just how serious accidents of this type can be. Know that we can help by assisting you with filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit to collect the compensation you need to move on. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to explore your options.

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Texas Couple Sues City and Company for Workplace Accident

The risk of injury is present in most workplaces. The more dangerous a job is, the higher the risk for accidents and injuries. This is why employers are required to provide training, supervision and equipment to minimize or eliminate the chances of suffering injury. Failing to do so can place an employer at fault for an unfortunate accident. Such was the case for one Texas man who allegedly sustained injuries while working due to his employer’s and the city’s negligence.

A man and his wife filed a lawsuit in a Jefferson County court on April 15th, 2014 following a 2012 workplace accident. The victim was working as a cement finisher for a contractor in Beaumont, TX when he was injured while sewer lines were being flushed, according to the lawsuit.

Did Negligence Play a Role?

The victim claims the accident occurred when a high-pressure hose from the sewer shot out and struck his head during work on a city project. As a result, the lawsuit names the city of Beaumont and the contracting company. The claim cites negligence on the part of the employer due to its failure to supervise, provide a safe workplace, warn employees, and furnish safe machinery.

You Have Options

Workplace injuries can be serious and debilitating. Depending on the severity of the injury, a worker can spend countless days recuperating while at the same time racking up expensive medical bills. These bills can place a heavy strain on your finances as well as your emotional well-being. Feelings of worry and uncertainty are the last thing you’d want to experience during your physical recovery. A personal injury lawsuit can help alleviate that burden by settling your medical concerns as well as making up for the lost income from having to miss work.

We’re Here to Help

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a workplace accident, know that legal assistance is available. Our personal injury lawyer in Brownsville is ready to take on any challenge to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. We’re here to help you get through this rough period, so let’s get started today.

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General Motors Named in Texas Lawsuit for Faulty Ignition Switch

Auto defects which go ignored by manufacturers can and often cause serious or fatal car accidents. We entrust these manufacturers to strictly follow regulations to ensure their vehicles are safe for the road as well as issuing warnings to owners who may be at risk. A recent Texas lawsuit brings such an auto defect to light. One woman suffered severe injuries in a car accident that took place on December 23rd, 2013 while driving in Lufkin, Texas. She has since filed a state district court lawsuit naming General Motors, Delphi Automotive, and Mac Haik Auto Direct as defendants.

A Faulty Ignition Switch?

The lawsuit was filed on the basis that the victim claims the ignition switch of her 2007 Pontiac Solstice was defective, causing her to lose control of the vehicle and collide with a tree. The lawsuit also claims the vehicle’s airbag system was inoperative due to that same defect, thereby failing to lessen injury. The car accident resulted in her suffering a broken neck, broken ribs and amputated legs. The victim is currently in the process of recovery.

A Major Recall

The plaintiff’s vehicle is one of over 2 million of several GM models that have been recalled due to defects. Ignition switch failures are known to cause a vehicle’s engine to shut off, thereby affecting important components such as the steering system, airbags and brakes. One of the victim’s attorneys went on record to state that GM was well aware of the defects long before the victim’s accident, which could have been prevented if a warning had been issued.

GM now faces the possibility of awarding the plaintiff compensation for her injuries. Delphi Automotive, the ignition switch’s manufacturer and Mac Haik Auto Direct, which sold the vehicle to the victim, do as well.

Addressing Negligence

Auto companies are required to enforce strict oversight to ensure their vehicles and components operate within safety guidelines. Defects happen, but a company ignoring this fact and failing to recall vehicles they suspect may be affected should not. The J. Gonzalez Law Firm understands the strain of having to deal with a debilitating car accident caused by a faulty product.

Your inability to earn a living or live comfortably due to an accident’s aftereffects can be an overwhelming situation to find yourself in. A personal injury lawsuit stemming from a product defect can lessen the strain of your recovery. Our firm has experience in addressing negligence and securing much-needed monetary compensation for our clients.

Let Us Help

Never deal with a car accident caused by a manufacturer’s negligence alone. Our firm in Brownsville allows the convenience of easily finding the legal assistance you need. Let us help you on your road to physical and financial recovery by contacting us today to schedule a consultation.

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Lawsuit Filed After Worker Injured in Oilfield Explosion

Oilfield work can be dangerous if safety precautions and protocols aren’t enforced. Employers are required to provide training, safety equipment and strict supervision in order to prevent accidents and injuries. An oilfield explosion, though rare, is possible and can be devastating.

One East Texas oilfield worker was recently the victim of such an incident. On March 28th, the victim filed a lawsuit against a petroleum company with the Galveston County District Court. The plaintiff is not seeking punitive damages from his employer, but from the third-party that he was contracted to do work for.

Alleged Gross Negligence

On February 21st, the victim was working at the company’s refinery on a flare line which was improperly isolated. The explosion that ensued caused him to suffer serious injuries, according to the lawsuit. Other employees who were with him at the site allegedly failed to offer any assistance when his body caught fire.

The company also allegedly failed to properly isolate the flare line and misinformed the victim that the necessary tools and protective equipment needed to perform his duties would be needed. The lawsuit cites the petroleum company’s “gross negligence” as the reason for the victims injuries.

The Compensation You Need

The J. Gonzalez Law Firm has a proven track record of securing the monetary damages its clients need for various cases. We understand that suffering a work-related accident can put a strain on your finances and physical well-being. A personal injury lawsuit can help ease the burden created by medical bills, physical rehabilitation sessions, medication, etc. Seeking the compensation you need should not be another unwanted burden, let us help.

Let’s Get Started

Dealing with injuries can be expensive. As a victim, it’s unfair for you to have to deal with these costs. Our firm in Brownsville allows oilfield explosion and accident victims the convenience of having the legal guidance they need and deserve. Let’s get started today to see where your case stands.

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Fatal Houston Car Accident Claims a Life, Alcohol Involved

The deadly combination of alcohol and driving is once again responsible for taking a life, this one belonging to a Houston man. The fatal car accident occurred on Sunday, March 9th in Atascocita when one man ran a red light and struck a vehicle driven by the victim. The victim died at the scene of the accident and the other passenger, his mother, was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

A Recipe for Disaster

The man who caused the accident was reportedly intoxicated while driving during the early morning hours of the 9th. Alcohol and driving are both recipes for disaster as a driver’s focus and attention are greatly limited. The red light at the West Lake Houston parkway went ignored by the alleged drunk driver and his vehicle struck the victim’s car, killing him. The victim’s mother was fortunate enough to survive the accident, though she must now face the devastating loss of her son while trying to recover from her own injuries.

A Devastating Loss

Medical expenses are only the beginning of this accident victim’s long road to recovery. One can only imagine the pain and heartache a mother must feel in dealing with the death of her son. However, by pursuing a wrongful death claim, the negligent driver who caused the accident can be held financially accountable in civil court. The damages sought in a wrongful death lawsuit can help alleviate the financial burden a victim’s family experiences, such as medical costs, funeral bills, and pain and suffering.

Legal Guidance When You Need it Most

A personal injury attorney can offer the legal guidance and representation you need if you have lost a loved one in a drunken driving car accident. Feelings of helplessness and confusion as to what to do next are entirely understandable. With prompt legal expertise to assist you, the difficulties of seeking a wrongful death claim can be properly dealt with. In Brownsville, know that a personal injury law firm holding your best interests at heart is available to help.

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Texas Warehouse Safety Lacking, Injured Worker Awarded $12.1 Million

On Friday, January 24th, 2014, a Texas jury found Tractor Supply Co. of Texas to be negligent and responsible for a tragic 2012 accident which left an employee paralyzed. The injured victim who was unable to attend the trial due to a recent surgery, was awarded $12.1 million. He is currently recovering at a rehabilitation center. Jurors made a decision after only 3 hours of deliberation.

Paralyzed Worker Files Suit to Recover Damages

The victim was a warehouse worker for Tractor Supply Co. of Texas, of which Tractor Supply Co. is the parent company, and was catastrophically injured on the job in May of 2012.  A forklift caused a 1,000-pound pallet of dog food to fall on his head, resulting in him suffering 18 broken bones in his spine and paralyzing him from the chest down. He retains some mobility in his arms. He subsequently filed a lawsuit against his employer to recover damages for medical expenses and mental anguish. Jurors determined the worker who operated the forklift was not at fault and that the company was solely to blame.

Negligence Must be Established

Forklift accidents can be a common occurrence in warehouses. However, you may only file a lawsuit against your employer if they do not provide workers’ compensation insurance. Your employer must be proven to have been negligent and responsible for the accident in order to receive compensation for damages to alleviate financial burdens such as medical costs. The damages you can recover vary depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your accident.

Taking Action Against Those Responsible

A workplace injury can have a devastating impact on a worker’s professional and personal life. It is important to seek legal representation from a skilled personal injury attorney if your life has been recently affected by an accident that happened on the job. Holding negligent employers legally accountable for any injuries suffered can help you recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to. The personal injury attorneys of the J. Gonzalez Law Firm have the experience in dealing with work-related accidents and holding the negligent party responsible.

Trusted Legal Services

Workplace injuries can be both physically and financially devastating. If you or a loved one has been injured in a workplace accident, contact the Brownsville personal injury attorneys of the J. Gonzalez Law Firm at (956) 630-6700 to begin your financial recovery.

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