Wrongful Death

Accidents of various types and degrees will happen. It’s a fact that at some point in one’s life, a serious accident may happen that will result in injury. Accidents happen across the United States each year that cause injury or death. Many of these have been caused by negligence. This careless act or lack of action is hard to overlook when it can negatively impact a person’s life. In these most extreme cases, the wrongful death is usually attributed to the disregard of other people’s safety.

Tort law, also known as personal injury, is founded on the principal that accidents or other incidents that result in injury or death allow the victimized party to collect damages. A highly skilled legal team, such as one from the J. Gonzalez Law Firm of Brownsville, can assist the plaintiff in a wrongful death case to collect those damages and compensate you for loss of wages and expenses incurred.

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